Malacca Day 1 Feasting - Bei Zhan Restaurant

Bei Zhan Restaurant

Address: No. 43 Jalan Kota Laksamana 2/17,, Taman Kota Laksamana Seksyen 2, 75200 Malacca Town, Malacca, Malaysia
Accolades: Rank 28 out of 548 in Malacca 
As our favorite restaurant was closed, we opted to give Bei Zhan a try as the reviews on tripadvisor has generally been positive. Its ranked 28th overall in Malacca and was filled with people during dinner time.

Oyster Omelette
Generous servings of oyster with lots of egg, this dish was serviceable but we didn't find anything particularly special.
Fried Chicken and Prawns with Salted Egg (RM 60 SGD 20)
This started off looking good and ended being overwhelming, it was also disappointing that they prawn and chicken ratio is very much skewed towards chicken.

Deep fried Bean Curd with Vegetables
This dish did not sit well with the table as it was too oily and the bean curd tasted more like fish cake then beancurd.

Crispy Vegetables with Mushroom (RM 40 SGD 13)
The vegetables in question was a mixture of lotus root, carrots, long bean and assorted nuts with mushrooms. Probably one of the better dishes of the day, everything was hot and crunchy and tasted reasonably fresh.

Braised Pork Belly with Bun (RM 47 SGD 16)
Huge serving size aside, this reminded everyone of Dong Po meat instead of the normal Kou Rou that is usually served with buns. The braise used is sweet and viscous and the meat is well marinated. The ratio of fat and meat is fifty fifty and that makes finishing the dish a challenge.

Overall, the meal was decent but nothing worth shouting about. I'm a little curious about how it got its high rating on Tripadvisor as we were struggling to find any specific dishes mentioned to try while we were searching.

Verdict: I'd give this a miss. Perhaps the seafood here will be better but it seems overpriced.


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