11 Days in Eastern Australia - Sydney Day 3

11 Days in Eastern Australia - Sydney Day 3

Sydney Fish market - William Blue Dining - Sydney Harbor Bridge - City crawling

Day 3 began with a simple visit to the Sydney Fish Market for breakfast because we're just seafood loving asians and also because our hotel was conveniently located just 10 minutes away by foot.
Address: Bank St & Pyrmont Bridge Road, Sydney NSW 2009, Australia
Budget: USD 15-50 per person

I have to say, i wasn't expecting much from this visit but boy was i wrong. The place was professionally managed and segregated with the food and raw sections clearly designated. Although they were side by side, it did not smell pungent. There was plenty of seating and lots of seafood, both cooked and uncooked for you to choose from at what i would feel, is a reasonable price.

 Food Glorious Food!

We had some oysters, sashimi and scallops with a serving of fish and chips for breakfast. Almost everything tasted as it should, fresh and sweet. The fish and chips were good but not mind blowing. Overall damage here was within USD 60 for 2 people. 

Our first taste of the place was awesome and we'll be back again for another binge session.

Next up was lunch and we decided to try something rather special.

William Blue Dining
Address: 107 George St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia
Website: http://www.williamblue.edu.au/about/william-blue-dining 
Damage: AUD 38 per person

Located in the Rocks, William Blue Dining is an upmarket restaurant with Chefs in Training. And because of this, all these wonderfully delicious meals are going for a low low price of AUD 38 per person for a 3 course meal. Its a fabulous idea for students to learn, make some money and at the same time gain actual work exposure for their next job.

The food they serve is no slouch either, take a look below:

 Pancetta seared scallops, braised witlof, Jerusalem artichoke puree
 Pork loin, soured cabbage, spƤtzle, apple sauce, dried apple
 Pan seared Palmers Island mulloway, roesti, crushed peas, pink peppercorn
 Orange spiced brulee, citrus salad, orange jelly, freeze dried mandarin
 Trifle, white and dark chocolate, Passionfruit, raspberry, caramel biscuit

The presentation is excellent and the food tastes great as well. We particularly enjoyed the scallops and mains which were both simple yet elegant surprise meals with a twist when you taste them. For AUD 38 per head, this is just excellent. 

Little wonder then that reservations need to be made in advance prior to visiting. Walk ins will likely not be a possibility so do book in advance.

After a fantastic meal, we went for a walk to the Sydney Harbour Bridge which was just a couple minutes away from the restaurant. To get there, locate similar stairs as the picture below and follow it up.

 One of the must dos on the bridge is to climb the Pylon lookout which is free and you can then get access to pretty awesome views like below for absolutely free.

If you so choose, you can also do a bridge walk which we skipped. The view and experience will be breathtaking....literally and figuratively. Price wise, a bridge walk comes north of AUD 200 per person depending on the time of climb and package you select. I'd say it would be a great way to enjoy the view though.

And with that, we wrap up the rest of Day 3 just lounging around, walking the city streets and malls, buying more food to eat in the hotel and just rest the day away enjoying the beauty of doing nothing in the city of Sydney. 

Its a holiday, spend it doing what you enjoy, not rushing to complete an invisible checklist.


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