Sumo Big Prawn Noodle

Sumo Big Prawn Noodle

Address: 628 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Singapore 560628
Opening Hours: 830am to 9pm
Open daily
Sumo Big Prawn Noodle $8

This is a popular spot now. Went down on Saturday at 11am and the queue was pretty long with all the hype currently.

Located at a hawker centre in Ang Mo Kio, this is one of those new generation hawker stalls where the owners are younger and comes with a twist. Having said that, i wholly encourage this trend because hawker fare is a lost art and the new life injected by new ideas brought in currently certainly bring a good vibe. Listening to table talk at the hawker area, it seems the entire family is running 3 stalls in the same corner, the hokkien noodles, the western food and the prawn noodle stall. Way to go guys!

The prawn noodles come in a variety of servings, the cheapest being $5 and the premium lobster or grilled lobster versions cost upwards to $24.50 per serving.

We opted for the mid range noodle because we wanted to try the soup base most of all.

Sorry about the sad looking photo. Looking around us, we saw much better presented bowls of noodles with lots of ingredients for the premium bowls and what seemed to be a thicker, darker and richer broth. We queued 40 minutes for this so i wasn't going to queue another round for another bowl unfortunately.

The broth different then expected. Its more watery and has a saltier taste most likely because of the garlic and clams used to boil the broth. The taste of prawn is more subtle in our bowl. I enjoyed the white bee hoon they used for the carbo portion of the meal. The prawns were big sea prawns and were crunchy, sweet and partially shelled. The clams were juicy and fit well with the broth.

For some reason, i guess the owners forgot or ran out of fish cake for our bowl so we didn't get to try it.

Overall, given what we did get to try, i'd say i'll be back to try the lobster versions because it looks so good and the broth should be different. 

Go with an open mind, try, give feedback and support local hawkers.


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