A Noodle Story Review

A Noodle Story Review

Address: #01-39 069891, 7 Maxwell Rd, Amoy Street Food Centre, Singapore 069111
Opening Hours: 1115am - 230pm,  530pm - 730pm, Saturdays 1030-130pm.
Closed: Weekends and public holidays
Accolades: Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand list 2016
Website: https://www.facebook.com/ANoodleStory

A Noodle Story ($6.50)

Next generation hawkers.

I love that idea and have been seeking them out just to try their food and support local businesses. I also enjoy seeing the evolution of food in the hawker scene. Its exciting just thinking about what new novelties we'll see evolve over the next few years.

A noodle story is one such evolution that has won an accolade in the Michelin guides bib gourmand list. 

The queue when i went at 11am in the morning was about 20 people strong and lasted till 12pm before me and my colleague finally got a bowl of ramen goodness.

To say ramen is a little misleading, i'd say its more of a wanton noodle made in japanese ramen style. Maybe its a way to justify for a higher price, maybe its truly ramen. Either way, the only thing that matters, is whether it tasted good.

And to this old/new blogger, it certainly did taste good. I loved this new age bowl of wanton mee/ ramen. From the sweet broth accompaniment, to the friend potato prawns, braised pork, noodles, onsen egg and wantons. I found each item to be equally well made with an attention to detail that is fantastic. The prawns were piping hot and i read they were not made in house but tasted sweet and crunchy. The braised pork melts in your mouth and the onsen egg was made perfectly. Runny in the middle and cooked just nice on the whites. The wantons, each one, was crunchy and worked well with the shallot heavy sauce and noodle. The noodle itself was perfectly cooked, springy and full throughout.

My colleague felt it was good. I felt it was worth many repeat visits with friends and more friends. 

The only downside, the queue. 

Otherwise, bravo gentlemen!


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