Hilton Evian-Les-Bains - France

Hilton Evian-Les-Bains

Address: Quai Paul Léger, 74500 Évian-les-Bains, France

During our trip to Europe 2 years ago, we joined EU Holidays and this was one of the better hotels we stayed in. 
The interiors were welcoming, clean and had a pretty nice breakfast to wake up to. Being a pit stop before our next leg of the trip, its in the middle of nowhere but the perk of it was that it was just a lake away from Switzerland....Or maybe its already Switzerland but on the France side of the lake. I'm a little confused as this was 2 years back.

Either way, we liked the place enough to have quite a few photos taken and really enjoyed the fact that the water is Evian water. Yes, drinkable Evian water is just a short distance away by bus on a completely obscure looking hill side. We filled up with the precious clean and sweet tasting water after we check out and continued on our journey towards Mt Bussalp for an awesome sledging experience.

Just sharing and remembering the fun fills me with joy and honestly, this was probably where the holiday got better after a rocky start in Italy.

Breakfast is an agreeable meal of fresh fruits, eggs and meats all in line with a usual american/european style.
 The sledging was excellent and absolutely a must try. Do ensure you keep all your belongings tightly tucked in to ensure nothing is lost along the way.
The view is always amazing in Switzerland and its just a matter of picking the right moment, waiting for the right time and taking in the right conditions.


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